Top Water Ski Boat Companies

Top Water Ski Boat Companies

Since 1968, has been engineering some of the top water ski and wakeboarding boats in the world. Responsible for a long list of cuttingedge innovations, the company has greatly shaped the direction of the sport and is one of the leading pioneers in the industry. The ProStar 214V is still the only boat approved by the USAWaterski as being a worldrecord capable, threeevent tournament towboat. With a wide variety of designs, the company specializes in matching water ski enthusiasts with their ultimate dream boat. In 2010, the Ski Nautique 200 was awarded the Trailer Boats’ 2010 Excellence in Design award for its innovative approach to ski storage and optimum range of vision for drivers. They also are responsible for the new Nautique LINC Systemthe most innovative digital helm display in water sports, making it easier to monitor performance, GPS mapping and video display.

Nautique Boats 14700 Aerospace Parkway Orlando, FL 32832Driven by customer feedback, Malibu has been committed to producing top recreational and competition ski boats since it was founded in 1982. Individually designed with the athlete and discipline in mind, Malibu Boats quickly have risen to the top of the boating industry and are distinguished for their quality and dedication to customer service. In 2009, Malibu received its eighth consecutive Boat of the Year Award and its 19th Product Excellence Award from “Powerboat Magazine”further solidifying its position at the top of the industry.


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